Breathing TogetherCyprus Association for Patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and Kartagener Syndrome

Established in 2016

Breathing together is a patient advocacy association for individuals with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) and Kartagener Syndrome in Cyprus. Members of our association consist of family members and friends.

Our Mission – Improve the quality of life of those affected by PCD and support research initiatives towards the development of novel treatments for this disease.

Our Vision

Provide the leadership and resources needed to facilitate research, to expedite diagnosis, improve health outcomes and ultimately find a cure for PCD.

Our Goals

  • Improve diagnosis, quality of life, and prognosis by supporting research initiatives.
  • Educate and support patients and their family members regarding PCD.
  • Coordinate and encourage activities focusing on patients’ problems.
  • Increase awareness about PCD among healthcare providers in Cyprus.
  • Raise public awareness about PCD.
  • Encourage and provide training to any person willing to offer voluntary work for the purposes of our association.